3 земельні ділянки під будівництво СЕС 80 МВт в Полтавській області - Eds-development

3 land plots for the construction of a SPP 80 MW in the Poltava region

Location of the land plot; ділянки: Territory of Pochaivskoy silskoy for the sake of Grebinkivs'kyi district of Poltava oblast.

Land area ділянки: 40 ha
Cadastral numbers: номер: 5320886600:00:002:0301

Площа Land area ділянки: 55,089 ha
Cadastral numbers: 5320886600:00:002:0049

Площа Land area 81,4798 ha
Cadastral numbers: 5320886600:00:002:0106

Land near the village;
Nearby there is an asphalt road. The parcels are equal in very good terrain.

Land use designation: 14.01 - for the location, construction, operation and maintenance of buildiings and construction of power generating facilities, institutions and organizations

Private land plot:Land lease agreement for 49 years

Technical conditions: Technical conditions for connection of 80 MW

Вартість Connection cost according to rates for 2021