Land plot for construction
0,8 MW SPS ground type

земля под сэс на 1 МВт

Sokyryany, Chernivtsi region

Realization: Sale through the sale of the customer's property

Stages of construction:  Construction of the SPS is carried out in 1 stage

Area: 1,5319 ha

Land use designation: 14.01 - for the location, construction, operation and maintenance of buildiings and construction of power generating facilities, institutions and organizations

Cadastral numbers:


Technical conditions: Technical conditions for connection of 0.8 MW

Cost of connection: according to approved bids charges for non-standard connection of capacity and rates for the linear part of connection for 2020 (Resolution No. 2461 of 22.11.19).


  • Topographic and geodetic surveying of the land plot was developed;
  • Engineering and geological surveys were carried out;
  • Land management project developed;
  • Detailed plan of the territory;
  • The project "Stage P" has been developed.
  • TU and Accession Agreement


  • Land near the village;
  • Near the paved road; 
  • The plot is flat and has a very good location
  • Connection point: Sokyryany substation - 110/35/10 kV;
  • The cost of joining according to the rates for 2020

Tariff: 0,109 € kW/h excluding VAT

Plot cost: 45 000 euro