Area for solar power plant 10 MW in the Khmelnytsk region

земля под солнечную электростанцию 10 МВт

Accommodation: Khmelnitsky region, Belogorsky district, Kurianky

Status: Rent. Land lease for 49 years

Realization: Sale of lease rights

Stages of construction:  Construction of the SPS is carried out in 1 stage

Area: 20.89 ha

Land use designation: 14.01 - for the location, construction, operation and maintenance of buildiings and construction of power generating facilities, institutions and organizations 

Cadastral numbers:


Technical conditions: Technical conditions for 10 MW


  • City-planning conditions and restrictions were received
  • Topographic and geodetic surveying of the land plot was developed
  • Specifications approved by UKRENERGO
  • Project stage P is developed
  • Notice of commencement of construction works (CC1)
  • PPA Agreement with SE” Guaranteed Buyer” was obtained


  • Connection to a newbuilt substatiopn-35 kV. Linear component = 0
  • Voltage at the connection point of 35 kV

Pay-back period: 5 years

Cost: 550 000 Euro