Area for solar power plant in the Dnipropetrovsk region

земля под солнечную электростанцию в Днепропетровской обл

Accommodation: Dnipropetrovsk region, Petrikivskyi district, Shulgovka

Status: Private land plot

Realization: Realization by selling to the customer’s property

Stages of construction:  Construction of the SPS is carried out in 2 stage

Area:  20 ha

Land use designation: 14.01 - for the location, construction, operation and maintenance of buildiings and construction of power generating facilities, institutions and organizations 

Cadastral numbers: 1223783800:03:035:0006;

Technical conditions: Received technical conditions for 12 MW


  • Grid connection agreement and technical requirement
  • Statutory documents of SPV and all related documents
  • Preliminary placement of the SPS field with the possibility of installing 12 MW


  • The plot is flat and has a very good location
  • The plot is flat and has a very good location
  • Voltage at the connection point of 35 kV. The point is situated on the distance of 0.05 km.(50 meters)
  • Connection with payment on rates NKREKP 30 000.00 Euro/MWac

Pay-back period: 5 years

Cost: 30 000 €/МВт