Practical experience of the EDS group: “Project Management in an Energy Company”

The level of project management is the same company asset as everyone else. 

Moreover, it is the experience of project management today that is extremely appreciated in the world. 

By using simple solutions that do not require large expenses, a company building several large, diverse projects at the same time can significantly increase their manageability and reduce costs.


How do we use project management?

In PM management areas the EDS group applies multi-level control system of all company facilities. At the same time, we are building in different parts of the country. In order to be able to control the process at any time, a visualization has been implemented that includes such elements:

  1. A system of high-resolution robotic cameras with a wide viewing angle at each object.
  2. The schedule of work (work schedule) on a cloud server with a given basic plan of work for all objects.
  3. A system of daily reports on an internal resource (Internet portal) with photos and a completed document on the work performed (per day and cumulative).
  4. Sistema vnutrenney logistiki spetsial'nykh stroitel'nykh instrumentov Hilti. Hilti special construction tools internal logistics system.
Проектный менеджмент ЭДС в примерах

From what we still have to implement at home, we use Microsoft Power BI products, with which we will create monthly schedules for each of the objects with a percentage of completion. This system allows you to present disparate design data in a visual and convenient form for analytics. 

Что мы получаем от всех этих инструментов по итогу? 

С одной стороны, это фактически несколько степеней контроля того, что объект реализуется прогнозируемо и без проволочек.

 С другой – это наглядность и прозрачность работы компании в глазах заказчиков. Win-Win в действии.

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