"Law on agreements" expected restructuring of the tariff for a 2 MW SPS facility “Alanta”

СЕС на продаж

One of the EDS-Development products are the existing SPSs from the company's own assets. Three solar power stations with a total capacity of 11 MW are offered for sale:

  1. Alanta Energy 2 MW - in operation since 2019.
  2. Sun Energy 2 MW - in operation since 2017.
  3. Sun Energy Mezhyrich 7 MW - in operation since 2019.

Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on the settlement of problematic issues

in the field of renewable energy in Ukraine in June 2020, being essentially an intention - has not yet put an end to understanding the situation with tariffs. It is necessary to wait for the signing of the “Law on agreements”.


We can assume how our selling proposition will change if the new tariffs  enter into force.

SPS “Alanta Energy” 2 MW


Inverter capacity of the station: 2.0 MW

Start of generation: 1st stage – September 2018, 2nd stage – April 2019

Annual generation: 3 155 000 kW/year


Current “Green” tariff: 0.15 euros ex VAT

New “Green” tariff: 0.127 euros ex VAT


Current income for the year: 473 250 euros

Income as per new tariffs: 400 685 euros


Price: 2 232 000 euros


Payback period as per current tariffs: 5 years

Payback period for the ratio of price to new tariffs: 5.8 years


Certainly, it is necessary to wait for the adoption of the “Law on agreements” in order to propose the final version of the payback period calculation of the facility. However, it is indisputably that industrial solar power stations that were commissioned before 2019 are an attractive ready-made product for investment.

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