Land allotment for industrial construction

землеотвод под строительство

Land acquisition - a land management procedure that establishes (terminates) the rights to a site. The action transfers, establishes or fixes the boundaries of the earth.



  • permanent - transfer to ownership;
  • permanent - long-term lease;
  • temporary - allocation for use for specific surface or underground work.

This is an important stage for the privatization or registration of land, mandatory for registering the location of the site, land management and cadastral work.

Land allotment project

The project for the allocation of land for construction is a comprehensive document defining:


  • purpose of the land;
  • the boundaries of the land and the planned structure;
  • compliance of the construction with urban planning documents;
  • availability of use restrictions.

During the development of the project, a boundary plan, a topographic plan and a cadastral plan (in case of its absence) are compiled.

Land allocation procedures are regulated by law and determine the nature of the possible use of the site.

Who carries out the land allocation

Only specialists and legal entities with appropriate licenses can carry out land acquisition procedures.


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