Земельні ділянки Ready to build під будівництво промислових CЕС
Operating SPP for sale
Investor - Ready to build

We offer for sale (rent) ready-made plots with a package of documents for the construction of a solar power station in Ukraine.

Minimize your risks!

Investor - Operating SPS

We offer an effective object for investment - a finished SPS, which already generates energy.

Start making profit immediately!

Advantages of investing in SPS:

  • automated business (electricity is sold automatically);
  • guaranteed regular income;
  • a controlled and predictable process of making a profit - the only energy supplier is the sun;
  • minimal administrative costs: SPS does not require some large number of personnel;
  • alternative to bank deposit;
  • lack of inflationary risks: invest in construction in hryvnias – sell electricity in relation to the dollar
  • state guarantee.

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In our lands

24.5 million euros

Already paid the state


Average payback
period of SPS

96 711 tons

CO2 emissions

128 142 MW/year

Electricity generated

137.31 MW

Installed in Ukraine


In progress


Owned by EDS-Development

We prepared the land for these SPS

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инвестиции в крупные проекты сэс

Амбіційний проєкт – земля під 100 МВт СЕС. Приклади реалізації великих проєктів в Україні

В Україні успішно реалізуються проєкти великої потужності. У 2019 р, наприклад, були введені в експлуатацію Нікопольська СЕС на 200 МВт і Покровська СЕС на 240 МВт (друга за величиною в Європі).

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Construction of solar power station in Ukraine

EDS Development is engaged in the construction of turnkey industrial solar power stations in Ukraine using the best global practices in renewable energy. Own production facilities and deep integration with the design department allows us to solve problems of any level of complexity. We do not just design and build SPS, but comprehensive approach to each problem – from choosing a site to starting work on the “green” tariff. At the request of the client, EDS Development can act as an EPC contractor, completely solving the issue of building an object, and performing individual blocks of work.


Who might be interested in a solar power station?

The construction of solar power plants (SPS) in Ukraine is experiencing a real boom. The reason is simple: this is the most profitable investment of all that is possible on the market (average return is more than 20% per annum in euros). Thanks to the “green” tariff (a special rate of the energy tariff at which the state buys electricity generated using renewable energy sources, or RES), the profitability of investments in the construction of a solar power plant is 18 times greater than that of a bank currency deposit in euros. The average payback period of industrial SPS is 5 years (depending on capacity), then for 15-20 years, the investor will receive state-guaranteed income.

Industrial solar power plants: advantages of construction

Profitable “green tariff” and high solar activity have made our country a promising territory for the construction of industrial SPP. Industrial solar power plants in Ukraine are alternative energy facilities established by legal entities. A 1 MW solar power plant is an average capacity indicator for a commercial facility. The maximum is not limited: it all depends on the goals of the investor and the area of the allotted land plot. SPP are built for auxiliary power supply or to sell the electricity on the wholesale market.

Options for operating of industrial SPP

Let’s consider the possibilities of using solar power plants for auxiliary power supply of companies and for electricity trading.

Industrial solar power plant for the enterprise

Industrial, manufacturing and other commercial facilities can use a solar power plant as:
  1. Additional source of electricity. High power solar power plants allows to reduce energy consumption from a common network by optimizing the energy consumption of the enterprise.
  2. Means of additional earnings of the company. If the company has available unused lands, they can be allotted for SPP and sell the generated energy.
  3. Own source of electric power – especially if the facility is distant and there is no possibility of connecting it to a centralized network.

Solar-powered industrial power plant as a business object

The cost of a “turnkey” 1 MW solar power plant is about 0.7-0.9 million US dollars. Within a year an industrial SPP produces an average of 1.2-1.25 thousand kW*h of electricity. During the period of maximum solar activity, production is in the range of 200 thousand kW*h per month, in winter – up to 30 thousand kW*h per month. By selling the electricity received according to the “green tariff” it is possible to pay off the investments in solar power plant in 5-6 years and make a profit. At the end of the third quarter of 2019, more than 600 industrial solar power plants with a total capacity of 3.42 GW operated in Ukraine under the “green tariff”. Among them 247 enterprises concluded contracts for the sale of electricity during 2019. The volume of investments in solar energy in Ukraine exceeded 1.5 billion euros.

What is an industrial SPP

The SPP includes:
  • photovoltaic industrial solar panels. The main component of a power plant that converts the Solar energy into electrical energy;
  • supporting metal structures – provide the installation of solar panels;
  • inverter – converts direct current from panels to alternating current;
  • packaged transformer substation – transfers electricity to external grids;
  • ASCA – SPP electric power metering system;
  • power equipment complex.
In the process of implementation of a 1 MW solar power plant, the price depends on the goals of customer, area and features of the land plot, equipment used. For example, provided that the SPP is launched with Ukrainian equipment, the state gives additional privileges.

EDS Development: turnkey industrial solar power plants

EDS Development is an expert in the design and construction of turnkey industrial SPP. We have extensive experience in implementing projects with the capacity from 1 to 20 MW. We are ready to provide consulting, development of project documentation, construction and maintenance of solar power generation facilities and solve technical, legal, financial issues.
  • energy independence of the enterprise and the formation of the image of a socially responsible producer;
  • quick payback period;
  • low operating and technical maintenance costs;
  • long service life of SPP (20-25 years).
The level of insolation in most regions of Ukraine is higher than in many European countries (including Germany – leader in the field of solar energy). We will help to assess the benefits of investing in alternative energy of the country and will create the basis for a promising business.