in alternative energy

We provide services for the construction of solar power stationson the terms of EPC-contracting.
EPC-contract (from the English Еngineering, Procurement и Construction) – the full cycle of survey, design, construction and assembly work in the construction of a large industrial facility.
In alternative energy, this means the embodiment of the client’s desire to build a solar power station for a certain amount in a certain place by a certain date.
Moreover, all the risks associated with the construction of SPS, EDS-Development assumes.


We offer an effective object for investment - a solar power station..
We will help you to invest money in the construction of the SPS as a business project, we will analyze the investment attractiveness of the object, and we will give expert advice on the procedure for issuing loans. We will provide services to both qualified and novice investors.
EDS-Development company has a base of land for construction with all the necessary technical specifications (technical conditions), projects are ready for some of them. You can also buy a ready-made SPSand start making profits immediately.

Advantages of investing in SPS:

  • automated business (electricity is sold automatically);
  • guaranteed regular income;
  • a controlled and predictable process of making a profit - the only energy supplier is the sun;
  • minimal administrative costs: SPS does not require some large number of personnel;
  • alternative to bank deposit;
  • lack of inflationary risks: invest in construction in hryvnias – sell electricity in relation to the dollar
  • state guarantee.

Our projects:

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17 302 421
Euro with VAT
Already paid the state
5 years

Average payback
period of SPS

65,465 tons

CO2 emissions

96 124 MW h/year

Electricity generated

116 MW
Installed in Ukraine
107.2 MW
In progress
667.5 MW
8 MW

Owned by EDS-Development


СЭС Вольногорск

Work at SPS “Volnogorsk 7 MW” completed by 67%

EDS-Group продолжает возводить новую промышленную солнечную электростанцию на территории Быковского сельского совета Днепропетровской области. Активно

СЭС Александровка 8,19 МВт

SPS Aleksandrovka 8.19 MW: 80% completed!

EDS-Group продолжает строительство СЭС «Александровка» мощностью 8,19 мегаватт в Белозерском районе, в 45 км от



st. Verkhoyanskaya 49,
Dnipro city, 49049

tel.: +38 (050) 453-23-47

tel.: +38 (098) 031-83-47

e-mail:  info@eds-development.com

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Construction of solar power station in Ukraine

EDS Development is engaged in the construction of turnkey industrial solar power stations in Ukraine using the best global practices in renewable energy. Own production facilities and deep integration with the design department allows us to solve problems of any level of complexity. We do not just design and build SPS, but comprehensive approach to each problem – from choosing a site to starting work on the “green” tariff. At the request of the client, EDS Development can act as an EPC contractor, completely solving the issue of building an object, and performing individual blocks of work.


Who might be interested in a solar power station?

The construction of solar power plants (SPS) in Ukraine is experiencing a real boom. The reason is simple: this is the most profitable investment of all that is possible on the market (average return is more than 20% per annum in euros). Thanks to the “green” tariff (a special rate of the energy tariff at which the state buys electricity generated using renewable energy sources, or RES), the profitability of investments in the construction of a solar power plant is 18 times greater than that of a bank currency deposit in euros. The average payback period of industrial SPS is 5 years (depending on capacity), then for 15-20 years, the investor will receive state-guaranteed income.