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Land plots are ready for the construction of SPP – We minimize your risks!

Ready to build – we offer ready for sale plots with a package of documents for the construction of a solar power plant in Ukraine.

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Where we offer land Ready to build?

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Advantages of Ready to build land plots:

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Land plots are ready for the construction of SPP

Choose geographically convenient plots from the base

Time saving

We quickly proceed to the construction, investments immediately begin to work for You

Ready design documentation

EDS specialists prepared a SPS project that takes into account all factors

прибыль от СЭС
Minimization of Your risks

We take all responsibility for the preparation of the Full package of documents


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We prepare for You a package of documents

  • We approve 14.01 designated purpose in the land cadaster – for location, construction, operation and maintenance of buildings and structures of energy generating facilities.
  • We prepare an extract from the cadaster of registration of ownership/lease of a land plot from Ukrgosreestr. It is necessary for any transactions with the land.
  • In the district state administration we approve a detailed plan of the land plot, which legally provides the right to grant land ownership.
  • We get a decision on the development of a plan in the district state administration (for land plots outside settlements) or in the regional department of the State Agency for Land Administration (if the land was of agricultural designation).
  • As per the provisions of 50 Article of the Law of Ukraine “On Land Management” we approve the land management project.
  • We carry out geological surveys. The report contains information on the geological section, groundwater level, indicators of the physicochemical properties of soils, chemical analysis of the aquifer.
  • We carry out engineering and geodetic surveys for construction, study the anthropogenic and natural conditions of the land plot. Reports contain topographic and geodetic data, terrain and other planning elements.
  • Regulate the production order, requirements for the final product;
  • TS are agreed with state services and the main consumer of future products, checked and registered by authorized bodies of the State Standard of Ukraine;
  • The TS document serves for certifications, and is used for control and periodical tests;

This is an agreement of sale and purchase of electricity according to “green” tariff to the Guaranteed Buyer, subject to the implementation of the project within 2 years;

We conclude a PPA for you!

EDS specialists will develop design documentation for the construction of industrial ground and roof solar power plants

According to the Law of Ukraine “On the Regulation of Urban Planning Activities” we obtain building permits for construction in GASK (state architectural and construction control; for objects of risk class CC2 – a declaration of the commencement of building work.

документы для земли под сэс
целевое назначение земли, цена смены целевого назначения земельного участка,

Designated purpose of land

Is it possible to change the designated purpose and how to do it?

Yes, it’s possible. This right is assigned to the owner of the plot by the Land Code of Ukraine. For this, the established procedure must be observed:

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Land for a solar power plant: selection and design

To buy a land for solar panels is an urgent need for an investor planning to invest in alternative energy. Despite the investment attractiveness of the business, registration of land for a solar power plant in Ukraine is a rather complicated process. The state has made efforts to simplify the procedure. But still, it takes about 6 months to resolve the land issue. The plot can be bought or rented. It’s cheaper to rent, but the registration procedure is more complicated.

Requirements for the plot for SPP

For SPP to work efficiently, a land plot for the solar power plant must comply with the following norms:

  • electrical transmission lines located in the accessibility zone;
  • planned capacity corresponding to the area of the plot;
  • absence of shading objects;
  • the maximum possible flat terrain;
  • high rate of solar energy — insolation (is typical for the whole territory of Ukraine).

The planned plot for a solar power plant should not belong to the lands of agricultural designation. State bodies will not allow to build the SPP on the territory related to the forest or water fund, in reserves and areas of historical or cultural value. It is allowed to build power plant in lands of industrial designation but will have to do allotment preliminary.

Features of registration of land for SPP

Obtaining plots for the construction of a solar power plant for rent is possible only after coordination with the local community (the decision is made at a general meeting of residents of a nearby settlement). Coordination documents from the Institute of Land Management and the Department of Cultural Heritage are also needed.

The contractor of investor needs to submit a plan with a condition of SPP location to the urban planning department. It is approved at a meeting of the local council. Further, the project design documentation must be submitted for assessment to the expert commission of the regional State Agency for Land Resources. If everything is all right — the cadastral number will be assigned to the plot and the land for rent for solar panels will be available to the investor: he will receive the right to form the contract.

Considering the routine procedure, it is easier to buy land for SPP with ready-made documents and created conditions for construction. When choosing the prepared plot, must be considered:

  • the planned capacity of the SPP. A 1 MW power plant needs 2-3 ha;
  • nearby ETL (needed to transport the electricity received);
  • availability of access roads.

Ready-made land plots for SPP and turnkey construction

EDS Development company offers support in the selection and purchase of land for the construction of an industrial solar power plant. By ready-made plot is meant registered territory with the following documents:

  • papers confirming the property right;
  • compliance with the target designation 14.01;
  • agreed detailed territory plan;
  • corporate rights with technical conditions and contract for connection with Oblenergo;
  • PPA agreement with state-owned company “Guaranteed Buyer”.

The created conditions give the right to build, commission an SPP and sell electricity to the wholesale market as per “green tariff”. We are ready to undertake the work on preparation of documentation, project development, construction and technical support of SPP.

How much is land for a solar power plant? The cost depends on the area of plot, status (rent or ownership), location and infrastructure. In each case, price is an individual criteria. Contact us to receive specific information.