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Financial investments in solar energy - as a foreign currency deposit. We know how to make the sun bring you a stable and environmentally friendly income.

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Investment Manager

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  • We select the location of the solar power station;
  • We assist in obtaining permits;
  • We design land allocation and conduct an examination;
  • We carry out a standard monetary assessment;
  • We draw up property rights to SPS;
  • We get TC (technical conditions);
  • We Legalize property rights, help with the registration of a legal entity.
  • We calculate: the estimated capacity of the station, the annual generation of electricity (MW * h / year); average annual revenue (euro with VAT), the cost of maintenance and operation, payback period;
  • We are negotiating with banks regarding the financing of the project.
  • We develop design documentation;
  • We organize the construction process and control its quality;
  • We will prepare and help in the coordination of permits;
  • We will help with reporting.
  • We conduct financial reporting and payment activities;
  • We organize and control service maintenance of SPS;
  • We quickly make decisions in case of risks.

Advantages of investing in SPS:

  • automated business (electricity is sold automatically);
  • guaranteed regular income;
  • a controlled and predictable process of making a profit - the only energy supplier is the sun;
  • minimal administrative costs: SPS does not require some large number of personnel;
  • alternative to bank deposit;
  • lack of inflationary risks: invest in construction in hryvnias – sell electricity in relation to the dollar;
  • state guarantee.

The volume of work performed on the construction of SPS

Currently, 12 industrial solar power plants with a total capacity of 98.46 MW are under implementation.

Объем выполненных работ на строящихся СЭС - Ноябрь

Objects available for investment

We can offer you a choice of land from our database or consider options for construction on your site.


RegionAddressAreaSPS power
1DnepropetrovskPavlovka, Vasilkovsky district20 hectare12 MWmore details
2DnepropetrovskSursko-Mikhaylovka, Solonyanskiy district8 hectare4 MWmore details
3KhmelnitskyPilipkovtsy, Novoushitskiy district6 hectare4 MWmore details

Constructed SPS

RegionTitleAreaSPS powerCommissioning
1DnepropetrovskSAN ENERGI4,86 hectare2 MW02.08.2017more details
2DnepropetrovskALANTA ENERGI4 hectare2 MW01.01.2019more details

The choice of territory for the construction of SPS

The location of Ukraine makes it attractive for investment. If you look at the map of solar activity (insolation), you can see that about 80% of the country's territory the level does not fall below three units, which looks promising in comparison with other European countries.
In 2017, total investments in SPS in Ukraine amounted to $ 250 million.
According to the collected statistics, there are no global differences from the geography of the construction of the SPS in the volume of generation and in the return on investment. So, if identical SPS in Chernihiv and Odessa oblasts are “figuratively” built, then the “northern” SPS will generate energy on average 10% less than the “southern” SPS.

Our projects:

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How much does it cost to build a solar power station?

Solar power stations unload centralized networks and make it possible to earn money by connecting the “green tariff” (it is possible to sell surplus energy to the state at set prices). Centralized networks do not always withstand ever-increasing loads, because consumption is steadily growing. A rational way out of the situation may be to use alternative options for generating energy. Solar power stations are autonomous, networked and hybrid; to get paid it is best to use networked ones. There are no batteries in this equipment, a special module converts the radiation from the sun into electricity, which then dumps it into the main network.

The benefits of solar power for investment

High power solar power stations will pay off within 5-7 years and will provide guaranteed profit over the next years. The average life of a solar power station is 25-30 years. However, there are SPS in the world that have been operating for about 40 years and will predictably last another 20 years.

All generated electricity is sold. Solar power stations unload centralized networks because consumption is growing steadily.

There are no batteries in this equipment, a special module converts the radiation from the sun into electricity, which then dumps it into the main network. It is bought by the state at the “green tariff”.

The green tariff for legal entities is “tied” to the euro exchange rate, which ensures the investor against exchange rate risks.

The cost of building a surface SPS for business projects

The predicted value of the turnkey industrial solar power station (power - from 1 MW) is $ 1 per 1 kW of power. The investments made in the construction of the station will pay off in 5-7 years, depending on the capacity. For reference: on a “green tariff” a 30 kW network installation will allow you to earn around 10 thousand hryvnias per month.

Want to get an accurate calculation and design a future solar station? Leave a request on the website of the company EDS-Development.

Denys Rudenko

Investment Manager

tel.: +38 (050) 453-23-47

тел.: +38 (098) 031-83-47


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