Where in Ukraine do we build solar power plants?

The sun is a powerful natural source of energy, environmentally friendly and inexhaustible. Solar power stations not so long ago began to appear in different regions of Ukraine, in the future their construction will be carried out even more actively.
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Use of solar power stations

EDS Development designs and builds industrial solar power stations across the country. In Ukraine, the rate of insolation (solar activity per meter of the territory) is quite high – much higher than in Germany and the countries of Scandinavia, where energy-saving technologies are widely developed. SPS can be used for:

  • selling electricity to the state at a green tariff in euros (a special tariff for electricity produced using renewable energy sources);
  • partial replacement of electricity consumption from a centralized network (costs are offset by up to 80%).

SPS has a high cost and great prospects. The average return on investment is 5-7 years.

In what areas of Ukraine are solar power stations

Where in Ukraine are solar power stations?

The main areas are Odessa, Lviv, Kherson, Vinnitsa, Dnipro, and this list is expanding every month. The reason is the profitability of investing in alternative energy because of the highest green tariff rates in Europe. This makes investing in the sun 18 times more profitable than a foreign currency bank deposit in euros.