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Use of solar power stations

EDS Development designs and builds industrial solar power stations across the country. In Ukraine, the rate of insolation (solar activity per meter of the territory) is quite high – much higher than in Germany and the countries of Scandinavia, where energy-saving technologies are widely developed. SPS can be used for:

  • selling electricity to the state at a green tariff in euros (a special tariff for electricity produced using renewable energy sources);
  • partial replacement of electricity consumption from a centralized network (costs are offset by up to 80%).

SPS has a high cost and great prospects. The average return on investment is 5-7 years.

In what areas of Ukraine are solar power stations

The main areas are Odessa, Lviv, Kherson, Vinnitsa, Dnipro, and this list is expanding every month. The reason is the profitability of investing in alternative energy because of the highest green tariff rates in Europe. This makes investing in the sun 18 times more profitable than a foreign currency bank deposit in euros.  

How a solar power plant project is being developed

SPP project is a result of a range of preparatory works. The complexity depends on the planned capacity of the station and other factors. The project cost of a solar power plant is individual: it is calculated according to the results of pre-design studies. Solar energy is a renewable and environmentally friendly source of electricity. Construction of industrial SPP is a promising investment for business.

Features of designing the industrial SPP

Specialists draw up projects of solar power plants from 2-3 weeks to several months: it depends on the purpose and scale of the future facility. Standard stages of work on the design documentation:

  • predesign and engineering surveys;
  • work on the feasibility study;
  • modeling of the future power plant and calculation of generation in the PV-syst program;
  • development of design documentation.

In order for the solar power plant to be built, the project must be coordinated with the regulatory bodies.

Predesign preparation

In the process of work, specialists study the conditions, assess risks and time required for the design, construction and launch of the SPP. Preparation includes geological and geodetic surveys, other types of work, depending on the characteristics of the area.

Computer modelling

This part of the work includes complex calculations, in the process of which hundreds of technical features are taken into account. Modeling in special software greatly simplifies the work of the project team: reduces time spent, minimizes risks, helps to find the best solutions to reduce costs. Based on the data entered, the program takes into account the features of a large number of criteria. They are:

  • geography of the plot and its features;
  • optimal distance between the rows of constructions in order to avoid mutual shading;
  • level of insolation in dynamics over the past few years;
  • power generation depending on azimuth, angle of inclination of solar panels and etc.;
  • factors affecting the electricity generation.

The results of computer modeling are needed to develop a project, choose a place and method of installing panels, choose equipment.

Feasibility study

The document substantiates the financial, engineering and legal issues of the future facility. It includes the results of the previous stages, justified the choice of the plot, listed recommendations for optimal efficiency of the designed SPP, types of equipment, connection options, etc. After the coordination of the feasibility study, it is possible to develop projects of solar power plants and further implement them.

EDS Development: individual and ready-made projects of solar plants

EDS Development company specializes in the construction of turnkey industrial SPP: from preliminary consulting to the construction and technical maintenance of power plants. An impressive experience in the development and implementation of SPP projects is the opportunity for our customers to order individual technical documentation or buy a project of a solar power plant with typical characteristics.


Working on projects, we consider the norms of relevant state standards and regulatory documents. This speeds up the coordination of the project and guarantees the reliability of the plant operation. Particular attention is paid to the selection of equipment, having a service life of 20 years or more. You can see the examples of projects and learn more about implemented projects by filling out a feedback form or by contacting our managers.