About the company

Our young company EDS Development has burst into the market rapidly. We launched our first solar power plant in 2017, but a year later, we utilized a capacity of 40 MW. And this is not an accident.

Such success was made possible thanks to the coordinated work of professionals who have proven their skills in traditional energy and bring best practices to the alternative energy.

EDS Development specialists are constantly trained and improved. Thanks to the daily development of the entire team of power engineers, we are successfully introducing new technical solutions at the facilities under construction. The accumulated experience of our specialists in traditional energy allows us to prevent the occurrence of risks and to quickly level all threats.

We will help you manage the sun.


Aleksandr Zapyshnyi
Ready To Build
Vitaliy Shakalo
менеджер з питань земельних ділянок

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Denys Rudenko
менеджер з розрахунку бізнес-процесів та інвестиційних питань

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