Land plots for 1 MW SPS - an example of successful project implementation

The land plots base of EDS-Development, ready for construction of SPS, presents 12 facilities for solar power stations with a capacity of 1 MW. Definition into a separate group is connected with the peculiarities of the legislation on the application of different rates of the “green” tariff to industrial power stations of different capacities.

* SPP built from January 1, 2020 with a capacity of up to 1 MW are not required to participate in auctions and can issue a “green” tariff, receiving 0.113 Euro per kWh guaranteed by the state.

Let's consider step-by-step implementation of the project using the example of the realized 1 MW solar power station.

Let's break down the project into stages for understanding (note: the diagram reflects sequential realization, processes can go in parallel) and the timing of their realization:

  1. Preliminary analysis - 10 months.
  2. Development – the process took 11-12 months.
  3. Construction – 5 months.
  4. Legalization of a "green" tariff, start of generation - 2 months.
этапы реализации сэс на 1 МВт

The breakdown into stages allows us to see how much time takes development and preparation for the construction. 

A further step-by-step example of project implementation assumes that the land for the construction has a full package of documents and the Ready to build status.

Thus, we save 9-14 months and quickly start the construction.

Step 1 (1st and 2nd stages have already been completed):

Land plot selection from the EDS-Development database.

To date (May 2020) in the range are plots in the Dnipropetrovsk oblast, options for cooperation in all oblasts of Ukraine are possible.

проект сэс 1 МВт

Step 2:


Construction of solar power station:


The implementation of this stage takes on average 5 months.

Project details for our facility:


  • 3094 JA Solar photovoltaic modules 380 W each;
  • 13 SMA string inverters with a capacity of 75 kW each;
  • packaged transformer substation KTP-1000/10/0.4 kV was built for the transmission of alternating current to the grid;
  • connection to the distribution company grids is made using a 0.4 kV cable line;
  • the facility is equipped with monitoring, video surveillance, burglar alarm and lighting systems.
СЕС на 1 МВт

EDS-Development land plots are sold as a standalone product. You can build in-house or hire contractors who provide such services.

We certainly recommend EDS-Engineering LLC as a contractor.

They are currently offering a lucrative turnkey offer for 1MW projects.


Step 3:


Legalization of a “green” tariff and all necessary paperwork to start generating and selling electricity.

For the SPS, which we have chosen as an example, this stage took 2 months.

The calculation of a 1 MW SPS payback can be seen on the example. Figures may vary depending on the installed photovoltaic panels, number of sunny days per year, etc. тощо.

термін окупності сонячної станції на 1 МВт

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