"Закон про домовленості" реструктуризація тарифу для Сан Енерджі

"Law on agreements" expected restructuring of the tariff for a 2 MW SPS facility “Sun Energy”

СЕС на продаж

We continue the series of articles devoted to changes in the “green” tariff that await the RES market after the adoption of the “Law on agreements”.

EDS-Development sells SPSs from the company's own assets. 11 MW of industrial solar capacities in Dnipropetrovsk oblast are offered for sale:


  • 2 MW SPS – Sun Energy – in operation since 2017.
  • 7 MW SPS - Sun Energy Mezhyrich - in operation since 2019.


We are waiting for the signing of the “Law on agreements” and assume how our selling proposition will change if the new tariffs enter into force.

SPS “Sun Energy” 2 MW

Inverter capacity of the station: 2.0 MW

Start of generation: June 02, 2017

Annual generation: 2 560 000 kW/year


Current “Green” tariff: 0.15 euros ex VAT

New “Green” tariff: 0.127 euros ex VAT


Current income for the year: 384 000 euros

Income as per new tariffs: 325 120 euros


Price: 2 232 000 euros


Payback period as per current tariffs: 5.5 years

Payback period as per current tariffs: 6.8 years


Industrial solar power stations that are commissioned before 2019 are an attractive ready-made product for investment.


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