Land parcel (2 as a set) with PPA and Design solution, ready for the construction of a SPP

земля под строительство сэс, готовы документы

Located near Mezhova urban-type settlement with a total area of 18.562 ha

Is realized through the sale of corporate rights to lease land for 49 years, the cost is 495 000 Euro, payback period is 5 years.

The parcel is flat and has a very good location. Inclined south slope. Substation is at a distance of 500 m and 600 m. Connection point: SS - 110/35/10 kV near Mezhova city. The voltage at the connection point is 10 kV. The point is located at a distance of 0.5 km (500 m).

The 14.01 designated purpose of the land was approved, TS for 9.975 MW were received.

  • Urban planning terms and limitations are ready;
  • draft of technical specifications was approved in DTEK;
  • preliminary contract for the sale and purchase of electricity with a Guaranteed Buyer until 12/20/2019;
  • topographic-geodetic survey of the land parcel 1: 500, 1: 2000;
  • the “Stage P” project is being developed, the class of consequence is CC1;
  • preliminary location of SPP with the possibility of installing 9 975 MW.

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