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землеотвод, строительство

Land allotment for industrial construction

During the development of the project, a boundary plan, a topographic plan and a cadastral plan (in case of its absence) are compiled.

Land allocation procedures are regulated by law and determine the nature of the possible use of the site.

С 9 мая!

Happy May 9th!

On this holiday we wish you peace. May this victory inspire only good deeds

Пасха, Великдень

Happy Easter!

We wish you full baskets of tasty and joyful smiles on their faces - despite the fact that we are temporarily forced to cover them with protective masks!

технічні умови, ТУ

Technical Specifications (TU)

TS – are the technical requirements of the Transmission System Operator (TSO) and/or the Distribution System Operator (DSO), the fulfillment of which is necessary to connect the facility to the electrical grids. TS is a mandatory annex to the Agreement on connection to external electrical grids.