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як працюють сонячні електростанції

How do solar power plants work?

Solar power plant (SPP) - engineering construction that converts solar radiation into electrical energy. Depending on the type of construction, the methods for converting the radiation energy of the sun differ:

целевое назначение земли, цена смены целевого назначения земельного участка,

Designated purpose of land

Is it possible to change the designated purpose and how to do it?

Yes, it’s possible. This right is assigned to the owner of the plot by the Land Code of Ukraine. For this, the established procedure must be observed:

промислова сес Солар солюшн

Readiness N1. 8 MW project SPP Borki-3

The EDS group begins the year with signing a contract for the construction of a new 8 MW solar power plant in Kharkiv oblast on the territory of Birky village council, Zmiivs'kyi district near Birky

промышленная солнечная электростанция 4 МВт

SPS Rozumivka 4 MW is ready!

EDS has completed the construction of a new solar power station in the Zaporizhzhya region, Zaporizhzhya district, on the territory of the Razumovsky village council.