Start of construction of the Makov-1 SES 9.99 MW

EDS-Development has launched the next order for the construction of a solar power station. The land plot for a power plant with a total area of 20 hectares is located outside the boundaries of the village on the territory of the Makovsky rural council of the Dunaevetskiy district of the Khmelnytskyi region. The total capacity of the Makov-1 solar power station under construction will be 9.99 MW.

According to the design documentation, for the generation of electricity in the territory of the solar power station, it will be necessary to install 41814 photovoltaic modules (PM) and 152 inverters.

At the moment, construction is at the first stage and preparatory measures are being taken:

  • Design and survey work. Our experts went to the facility for field research. With the help of geodetic works, information was obtained on the natural features of the area;
  • Meteorological analysis performed;
  • We equip the construction site: we plan the terrain, establish a guard post, premises for electrical and construction teams, a room for tools, etc.

A thoroughly conducted preparatory phase allows you to avoid mistakes during the construction of the solar power station and minimize the need to make significant changes to the project, which, in turn, affects the timing of commissioning.