Launch of the 1st stage of SPS “Alanta Energy”

СЭС на продажу

In village Goryanovsk Obukhov village council, Dniprovsky district, Dnipropetrovsk region began the generation of SPS "Alanta Energy". SES is under construction in two stages. At the moment, they launched the 1st stage with a design capacity of 1 MW. Wiring teams of the company began construction of the 2nd stage of similar capacity. The launch of the SPS at full capacity of 2 MW is planned for the winter.

SPS “Alanta Energy” is the second solar power station commissioned by EDS-DEVELOPMENT. The object was built on a plot of 2 hectares. According to the approved technical documentation, 50 supporting metal structures were mounted on the territory of the SPS, which housed 4200 Jinko Solar JKM270PP-60 photovoltaic modules. Each module generates 270 watts. In addition to PM, inverters and adders play an important role in converting solar energy into electrical energy. At this SPS, 25 Huawei inverters and 6 EDS totalizers (own production) were installed. To transfer the generated power to the regional power grids on the territory of the SPS, KTP of the MODULE 1000/6/0.4 series is also installed, also produced by “EDS-ENGINEERING”.

The customer chose the phased construction of the SPS, which allows to optimize investments, reduce the payback period of the SPS and provides the opportunity to refinance the facility after the first stage. At the time of launching the second phase of construction, the 1st phase will already be profitable to its owner.