Happy New Year, Ukraine!

З новим роком
З Новим роком

Happy New Year! We wish you bright professional success, new victories and achievements, good health, joy and happiness, peace and prosperity!

Let 2020 become a year of prosperity for you, be joyful and happy, successful and fruitful!

Sincerely, the team of "EDS-Development"

2 MW SPP Myshuryn Rih is ready!

генпідрядник, EPC, cес Мішурин Ріг 2 МВт

The EDS group completed the construction of a new solar power plant in Dnipropetrovsk oblast – in Verkhnodniprovsk raion, on the lands of the Myshuryn Rih village council.

The parameters of the new SPP are the following:

7128 pcs. of 330W Jinko Solar photovoltaic panels;

33 Huawei Sun2000-60KTL-M0 string inverters of 60 kW;

2 packaged transformer substations PTS-1250/10 / 0,4-U1 and PTS-1000/10 / 0,4-U1..


During the construction, we performed the following works:

  • zero cycle and hole drilling;
  • supply of metal structures for tables, subsequent installation and concreting of table racks;
  • installation of fencing, administration and amenity complex and utility rooms;
  • installation of PTS 10 / 0,4 kV;
  • development of trenches for the security control point and laying of the 0,4 and 10 kV cables, laying of the solar cable;
  • outdoor lighting installation, video surveillance installation;
  • road construction works;
  • installation and connection of PV modules and inverters;
  • telemechanics;
  • laboratory tests of transformers;
  • installation of ASCA.

Thus, once again, EDS proudly confirms the title of the leading EPC-contractor in Ukraine in classic implementation of turnkey project, when the company assumes the full control of the construction process.

Мишурин Рог
генподрядчик в строительстве сэс

Our manager will provide a free consultation on partial or general contracting services:

Happy Power Engineer's Day!

День енергетика, професійне свято, ЕДС девелопмент
день энергетика, профессиональный праздник, эдс девелопмент

Colleagues, we are working in one of the key sectors of the state economy, the implementation of Ukrainian industrial and agricultural potential, the solution of pressing social problems depend on our professionalism, competence, and responsible attitude to business.

We celebrate our professional holiday with serious achievements - the EDS Group is actively putting into operation new facilities and capacities. Keep it up!


Sincerely, the staff of EDS-DEVELOPMENT LLC

Land parcel (2 as a set) with PPA and Design solution, ready for the construction of a SPP

земля под сэс, проект сэс
земля под строительство сэс, готовы документы

Located near Mezhova urban-type settlement with a total area of 18.562 ha

Is realized through the sale of corporate rights to lease land for 49 years, the cost is 495 000 Euro, payback period is 5 years.

The parcel is flat and has a very good location. Inclined south slope. Substation is at a distance of 500 m and 600 m. Connection point: SS - 110/35/10 kV near Mezhova city. The voltage at the connection point is 10 kV. The point is located at a distance of 0.5 km (500 m).

The 14.01 designated purpose of the land was approved, TS for 9.975 MW were received.

  • Urban planning terms and limitations are ready;
  • draft of technical specifications was approved in DTEK;
  • preliminary contract for the sale and purchase of electricity with a Guaranteed Buyer until 12/20/2019;
  • topographic-geodetic survey of the land parcel 1: 500, 1: 2000;
  • the “Stage P” project is being developed, the class of consequence is CC1;
  • preliminary location of SPP with the possibility of installing 9 975 MW.
девелопмент земельных участков
девелопмент земельных участков

Our manager will provide a free consultation

New 0.975 MW SPP “Hrebinka” is a shining example of the trend in the construction of solar power plants since 2020

СЭС до 1 МВт, строительство промышленных сэс

The EDS group completed the construction of the 0.975 MW solar power plant in Hrebinka city, Poltava oblast.

By this technical solution of a compact solar power plant, the EDS team confidently declares that it is ready for changes in the Ukrainian sun market in 2020*

  • * SPP built from January 1, 2020 with a capacity of up to 1 MW are not required to participate in auctions and can issue a “green” tariff, receiving 0.113 Euro per kWh guaranteed by the state.
сэс до 1 МВт, строительство промышленных сэс

Project details:

  • 3094 JA Solar photovoltaic modules 380 W each;
  • 13 SMA string inverters with a capacity of 75 kW each;
  • to transfer alternating current in the Poltavaoblenergo grid, a packaged transformer substation PTS-1000/10/0.4 kV was built;
  • connection to the distribution company grids is made using a 0.4 kV cable line;
  • the facility is equipped with monitoring systems, video surveillance, burglar alarms and lighting.


Ground-based solar power plant Hrebinka is a great example of the professional work of the EDS team!

EDS - the best designer of commercial SPP 2019 according to version of GetMarket

проектирование промышленных сэс, проект промышленных солнечных электростанций
проект промышленной сэс, Проектирование солнечных электростанций

In Ukraine was presented the rating of leaders in solar energy. The EDS group took first place among designers in the field of "green" generation.

The rating of RER general contractors (EPC-contractors) was also updated and our company was another step above and took the fourth place.

We are proud of the given trust!

GetMarket, a platform for investments in renewable energy, has analyzed all Ukrainian companies implementing projects on the ground SPP with a capacity of more than 1 MW and specifically the work of designers in the field of solar energy in Ukraine.

“A rating is necessary to create a database of companies operating in this market, to structure and analyze data, and also to control the quality of services” (Maxim Babaev, Director of GetMarket)