SPS "Photon Energy": a new height taken

строительство СЭС под ключ, купить электростанцию, инвестировать в СЭС, сэс украина

Команда EDS-DEVELOPMENT The EDS-DEVELOPMENT team is proud to announce the completion of the construction of the solar power plant SPS "PHOTON ENERGY" with a design capacity of 15 MW, located in the city of Podgorodnoe, Dnipropetrovsk Region. The area of the facility is 28 ha.

Construction and wiring teams of the company from July to December 2018 completed a huge range of works on the construction of such a large-scale facility. The numbers are really impressive. PHOTON ENERGY includes 54,000 Risen solar modules with a power of 320 and 325 W each and 1,500 metal structures under them, 125 string inverters manufactured by ABB with a capacity of 120 kW each, more than 217 kilometers of PV1-F solar cable, more than 22 kilometers of APvVG-1 power cable with insulation from cross-linked polyethylene, laid underground, 8 complete transformer substations KTP with step-up transformers TMG-2000\35\0.4 kV. All this high-tech power will enable the new solar power station to generate 22,190 MWh of electricity per year.

Note that PHOTON ENERGY is currently the largest completed solar energy project in the company's portfolio, where EDS-DEVELOPMENT acted as the general contractor.

Meanwhile, two more large-scale EDS-DEVELOPMENT projects are at an active stage of implementation. We are talking about the Shirokoye and Malaya Belozerka solar power station in the Zaporizhzhya Region with a total rated capacity of 19.9 MW and 19.5 MW, thereafter.

строительство СЭС под ключ, купить электростанцию, инвестировать в СЭС, сэс украина

The construction of the first phase of SPS "San Energy Mezhirich" has been completed

промышленные солнечные электростанции

Company DEVELOPMENT completed the first phase of the construction of the Sun Energy Mezhirich solar power station (capacity 2 MW).

The construction is carried out in stages, after the completion of two more phases of the project, the total capacity of the SPS will be 7 MW. Today, the station produces about 2.5 million kWh per year. This is enough to provide green energy for a small city.

EDS-DEVELOPMENT has completed a full construction cycle from the design stage to the commissioning of the solar power plant. The design department carried out engineering geodetic and geological surveys, based on which he developed design estimates for the power station and a package of permits, without which it is impossible to begin construction.

The company’s wiring teams installed supporting structures on the territory of the power plant, which housed over seven thousand photovoltaic modules. To obtain AC voltage, Huawei inverters were mounted. They have a high energy efficiency category A + and long service life of up to 20 years.

A large percentage of the equipment installed at the facility was developed by EDS-DEVELOPMENT. The company’s specialists installed the EDS totalizers and the KTP-35 / 0.4kV complex transformer substation of their production. Similar products were used in dozens of completed projects, where they demonstrated high quality and reliability during operation.

To connect the facility to external power networks, a recloser unit with a vacuum circuit breaker and built-in current transformers is installed, which automatically disconnects a section of the circuit in case of overloads.

In the near future, the start of the second phase of construction is planned, which will increase the generated capacity by half - up to four megawatts.

SPS "Lybid" is preparing to take-off

солнечная электростанция построить, ФЭМ, СЭС купить, цена солнечной электростанции

EDS-DEVELOPMENT is completing the first phase of construction of the Lybid solar power station with a capacity of 5.1 MW in the village of Dubovoye, Sinelnikovsky district, Dnipropetrovsk region. We want to remind that the work on the SPS project began in October.

All construction and electrical work are carried out in three phases. The inverters and totalizers have already been fully installed. The installation and connection of 17 km of PV 1×6 mm2 solar cables have been completed, all 180 tables for photovoltaic modules have been installed.

Work on the installation of the FEM continues - out of 6840 modules, 5770 were mounted (over 84%). There is a switching of panels into thongs on tables – 96 out of 180 tables have already been connected (more than 53%). The company’s specialists also started connecting the cable network to inverters and summers, the cable channels of transformer KTP No. 1 are being actively installed.

We expect that by the spring of 2019, residents of the Dnipropetrovsk region will be provided with environmentally friendly solar energy.

солнечная электростанция построить, ФЭМ, СЭС купить, цена солнечной электростанции

The construction of the Makov-1 SPS has began its final stage

промышленные солнечные электростанции

EDS-DEVELOPMENT has begun the final stage of the construction of the Makov-1 solar power station in the Dunaevets district of the Khmelnytskyi region. The vast majority of the planned work has already been completed, it remains to improve the territory of the facility.

Recall that the total capacity of the newly built MES-1 SPS with an area of 20 hectares will be 9.99 MW, which will provide clean solar energy to industrial and residential consumers in the surrounding settlements.
Thanks to proper planning, all construction, and electrical installation work are carried out in parallel, which allows you to adhere to the scheduled deadlines for the commissioning of the object.
Note that all 41768 pieces. FEM (PV modules) and 151 pcs. the inverters provided by the design and technical documentation of the SPS are installed. The installation of 6 transformer substations KTP 0.4\10 kV and distribution point RP-10 kV was also completed.

Landscaping is being actively carried out: roads are being built inside the site and the installation of the entrance fencing group around the perimeter of the solar power station is in the final stage.

промышленные солнечные электростанции

Participation in the construction project of solar power station “Solar Park Veseloe”, 16 MW

промышленные солнечные электростанции

Almost a year ago, it was launched into the generation of the solar power station “SOLAR PARK FUN”, 16 MW.

This object was significant for our EDS-DEVELOPMENT team.

We just launched our SPS ENERGY 2 MW power station into generation and to take part in such a project of such proportions was a challenge for us.

Thank you for the trust of Ukrainian Systems Solar LLC.

EDS-DEVELOPMENT acted as the general designer for the development of all the necessary design estimates.

To connect the solar power station to the networks of Oblenergo, the existing substation was reconstructed with the installation of a 35 kW vacuum circuit breaker cell, and a 35 kV cable line was laid for 4 km.

The high building density of the facility required compact solutions, so ten complete 35/0.4 kV transformer substations with a capacity of 1600 kVA were installed at the facility (in-house development).

We also installed 35 kV open distribution center (in-house development) and built 35 kV on-site networks.

Start of construction of a 19.5 MW Solar Power Station in Zaporizhzya region

промышленные солнечные электростанции

The active development of "green energy" in Ukraine confirms the correct choice of the vector of development of the company EDS-DEVELOPMENT. At the end of November 2018, the turnkey construction of a solar power plant of FES with a capacity of 19.5 MW in the Zaporizhzhya region began.

This area has great potential for the construction of SPS, as it has one of the highest rates of insolation and the number of sunny days in a year. The area of the FES under construction is 33.3 ha. The design capacity of 19.5 MW will be provided by photovoltaic modules (FEM) in the amount of 66232 units (power of each module is 345 W), inverters for 120 kW (162 units) and inverters for 60 kW (1 unit).

At the moment, preparatory and land works are being carried out:

  • Delivery of the necessary tools and special equipment to the facility;
  • The construction of a temporary construction camp;
  • Drilling holes for FEM racks (90% completed);
  • Installation and concreting of racks (45% completed);
  • Installation of a fence around the perimeter of the territory.

The professionalism of the employees and the positive experience of the completed projects for the construction of the SPS allows us to achieve high rates of work without loss of quality. Each client can control the construction and receives reliable information about the object.

Start of construction of a Solar Power Station in the Shiroke, Zaporizhzya region

промышленные солнечные электростанции

The solar energy market of Ukraine is developing at an increasing pace. Thanks to a well-thought-out policy using the incentive in the form of a "green tariff", the number of people wishing to take up a promising business area is increasing. EDS-DEVELOPMENT in 2018 has both completed and ongoing projects for the construction of SPS. A wide staff of highly qualified specialists allows the company to sign new contracts. In the middle of autumn 2018, they began to fulfill the order for the construction of a solar power station in s. Wide, Zaporizhzhya region

The object will occupy an area of 38 hectares. The estimated total capacity of the station will be 19.9 MW. The number of FEM will be 67660 units.

Employees of the company carried out preliminary work aimed at landscaping, delivery of necessary materials and tools to the facility. After unloading, installing cabins and the arrival of specialized equipment, the installation crews began the first phase of construction. Currently completed:

  • Drilling holes under the stands of FEM tables. 12,826 out of 28,888 (44.40%) drilled;
  • Installation and concreting of racks of tables of FEM. 9407 of 28888 (32.56%) were installed.