There will be New SPS!

EDS-DEVELOPMENT participates in a project for the construction of a solar power station with a total planned capacity of 19.9 MW in Zaporizhia.

EDS-DEVELOPMENT provides power supply to the facility, namely, it builds 11 complete transformer substations of KTP 35/0.48 kV, a distribution center of 35 kV, and also builds 1100 meters of a 35 kV cable line.

To date, the following works have been completed on the territory of the future SPS:

  • all pits dug for the organization of mass receivers 11 KTP;
  • made concrete preparation for all pits;
  • the bottoms of five mass receivers are concreted and reinforced, and four of them already have reinforced walls;
  • EDS-SOLAR is now installing wall formwork for mass receivers.

Under the 1100-meter cable line of 35 kV, the construction and installation teams of the company are preparing the sand trench. Already passed 172 meters of trench (15.6%). Excavation work is scheduled to be completed before mid-February.

In parallel, EDS-DEVELOPMENT is working on landscaping the property. We will inform you about all new construction details.

Alanta Energy is cmpleted

промышленные солнечные электростанции

EDS-DEVELOPMENT has completed the construction of the second phase of the Alanta Energy solar power plant in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Now the total generated capacity of the new SPS is 2 MW against 1 MW after the launch of the first stage.

Our company acted as the general contractor of the project, meeting the expectations of the client - Alanta Energy, which previously entrusted the construction of the first phase of a 1 MW power plant with EDS-DEVELOPMENT specialists.

Recall that construction and installation work has been carried out since November last year and completed on time. The customer’s choice of the concept of the phased construction of the power plant turned out to be very justified, since the first stage of the SPS at the time of construction of the second already generated electricity, thereby starting to return investments.

During the construction, a site was prepared, 2600 wells were drilled under the support posts of PV modules, 50 load-bearing metal structures 36 meters long for 3600 TEMEM manufacturing units (China) with a power of 325 W were mounted and installed, 25 Huawei string inverters with a power of 40 kW each and 6 were installed and connected EDS totalizers with a capacity of 160 kW each, laid and connected 15 km of solar cable PV1-F 1x6 mm2.

Now EDS-DEVELOPMENT is finalizing work on landscaping the territory of the solar power station and is also preparing all the necessary documentation for launching the second phase of the SPS into generation.

As you can see, alternative energy in Ukraine is gaining momentum. This means that every year more and more people understand: the future is in high technology, which not only helps to earn money but also gives us all a chance to preserve a clean planet for posterity.

промышленные солнечные электростанции

There will be a Solar Park!

промышленные солнечные электростанции

EDS-DEVELOPMENT continues the construction of the Solar Park Shirokoye solar power station with a rated capacity of 19.9 MW per second. Wide Zaporizhzhya region.

Earlier in November, we published news about the start of the construction of a solar power station, but at that stage, it still had no name. We make it clear: the project is under construction, which promises to become the largest in the portfolio of EDS-DEVELOPMENT, which is called Solar Park Shirokoe. Next, we want to talk about what has already been done at the SPS site and what work is planned to be completed before the end of January.

Today, all 27888 racks of load-bearing structures (tables) for the installation of photovoltaic modules (FEM) have been installed and concreted, the installation of longitudinal and transverse frames on metal structures has begun, a third of the total number of tables (689 pcs. From 1992 pcs.) Are installed in the design position. Actively laying low-voltage cable for the monitoring system FTP cat 5e. The final phase included installation of 0.4 kV cable and wire products and inverters ground loops; more than 33% (almost 68 km of 200 km) of the PV1-F 1x6 mm2 solar cable has already been laid.

By the end of January, EDS-SOLAR specialists plan to complete the construction of the metal fence of the solar power station site, conduct perimeter lighting, erect the foundations for 11 transformer substations KTP 35/0.48 kV and distribution center 35 kV, install all the supporting metal structures for photovoltaic modules and install 6772 solar panels (10% of the total number of FEM).

промышленные солнечные электростанции