One step from the completion of the Lybid SPS

промышленные солнечные электростанции
промышленные солнечные электростанции

Following the launch of the Makov-1 SPS in the Khmelnytskyi region, EDS-DEVELOPMENT is completing the construction of the first stage of 2.1 MW of the Lybid five-megawatt solar power station.

The vast majority of work on the construction of the facility has already been completed. The reconstruction of the substation is nearing the end, with the help of which the new SPS will soon be connected to the networks. Work is underway to lay and calibrate secondary switching cables in a concrete cable channel to the station-wide control center (OPU) - 80% of the volume has already been completed. Also, in the permits of the OPU, relay protection and automation shield manufactured by EDS is installed.

We expect that already in early spring SPS will begin to generate pure solar energy.

Launched into the generation of SPS "Makov-1"

промышленные солнечные электростанции
солнечная электростанция построить, ФЭМ, СЭС купить, цена солнечной электростанции

The new Makov-1 SPS has already been launched into generation. 

The total capacity of Makov-1 is 9.99 MW, which will provide clean solar energy to industrial and residential consumers in the surrounding settlements.

Now the new SPS is undergoing a month-long test period, during which EDS specialists monitor the correct operation of all systems of the facility. Also, at this facility, the company polished the skill of building large industrial SPS in a short time. The company's experience allowed us to attract large-scale photovoltaic projects in the portfolio - the SPS “Shirokoye Solar Park” with a capacity of 19.9 MW in the Zaporizhia region, as well as two SPSs - in the Vasilyevsky district of 19.5 MW and Zaporizhia by 19.9 MW. All these projects are now in the active phase of implementation.