Merefa-1 in the ranks!

солнечная электростанция построить, ФЭМ СЭС купить, цена солнечной электростанции

The first in the Kharkiv region industrial solar power station Merefa with a capacity of 3.9 MW was completed and launched into generation. The implemented project is interesting from the solutions used in it during construction.Реалізований проект цікавий з точки зору застосованих в ньому рішень при будівництві.

We are talking about the use of more than 5000 pcs. geo-screws - special screw piles on which the metal structures of the solar power units of the SPS were mounted. This solution was developed by the design team of EDS-DEVELOPMENT and implemented by our construction and installation teams due to the complexity of the hydrogeological conditions of the terrain (bogging and the risk of flooding). Also, during the construction of the facility, special foundations of KTP and administrative buildings were applied. It is noteworthy that, on such a scale, the use of geo-screws in Ukraine has not yet been carried out.

SPS "Malaya Belozerka" 19.5 MW put into operation

промышленные солнечные электростанции
промышленные солнечные электростанции

EDS-DEVELOPMENT announces the completion of the construction of the Malaya Belozerka solar power station with a capacity of 19.5 MW in the Zaporizhzhya region. It took our team five months to complete the turnkey project. 

EDS completed the project as a general contractor. Specialists from our team installed 66232 FEM with a power of 345 W each for the generation of solar electricity, 162 ABB inverters of 120 kW increased capacity for converting it into electricity. 11 AC transformer substations KTP 35 kV and distribution point RP 35 kV will transmit alternating current to the distribution company’s network. According to preliminary estimates, the new solar power station will be able to generate about 29.800 million kWh of electricity per year.