SPS Aleksandrovka 8.19 MW: 80% completed!

СЭС Александровка 8,19 МВт

EDS-Group continues the construction of the SES "Aleksandrovka" with a capacity of 8.19 megawatts in Belozersky district, 45 km from Kherson.

СЭС Александровка 8,19 МВт

Electricity will be generated by panels new to Ukraine BIFACIAL Mono PERC with double glass module 325 Вт JAM60D09 305-325 / BPhaving enhanced performance characteristics.

  • Excellent low light performance;
  • Excellent performance depending on temperature;
  • 3% ~ 15% more energy production;
  • Low LCOE; 
  • Annual degradation of 0.5% over 30 years.

In our case of ground fasteners, light will naturally reflect off the ground (especially in winter, when the modules benefit from the white surface of the earth due to snowfall).

промышленные солнечные электростанции
Схема крепления двусторонних панелей

A unique solution for mounting panels on tables for the future SES was developed by the team of designers of the EDS group:

The panels have excellent characteristics (earlier turning on and turning off later allows you to increase productivity), for our country they are still rare. There was a problem how to fix these panels on tables. Existing technologies - clamps - are almost impossible to find in Ukraine, they are produced only in China, and this did not satisfy us in terms of delivery. The solution was found by a team of EMF designers, who specifically developed a clamp for this project.

The solar power station will be commissioned before the end of November 2019.